Monday, November 10, 2008

duping pages- digi pages :)

created these pages this morning- WOW, 4 pages in a day??? actually 6 (will post soon)! lol- just loving digi scrapping...

AND, these pages were quick- why??? simply because i copied the layers from one 2page layout to another patterned paper! YES- make different duplicate pages in a jiffy! this is definitely where digi scrapping comes in handy for the upcoming holidays! and hello??? i simply flipped the one patterned paper to make the 2nd page!!!

my steps in pse6:
- created the pages using layers for each element
ie: 'livin on the edge' title, green star, filmstrip, pictures, border strips
- in the layers palette, select all the layers EXCEPT the background
(background should be the patterned paper)
- open up new patterned paper
(make sure it's the same size as your current page)
- copy the selected layers to the new patterned paper
(if able, simply drag elements to the new paper- HOWEVER, copying to the new paper will place the elements EXACTLY as they are positioned on the original... how cool is that???)

joila- you've got a 'new' page! and just do the following for the 2nd layout (remember to flip horizontally the 2nd paper so that it mirrors the 1st) and you're done... can you imagine doing this for one album and then recreating new albums with different papers??? it'll be a snap to get out 'different' gift albums for family and friends.

hope this helps- ENJOY :)

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