Friday, October 31, 2008

The FINAL installment of "What Rebecca made with her kit!

I just realized i missed a layout! Sorry! Anyway, here's my last project from my fab kit!

Isn't my sweetie cute?! I think this layout most typifies how amazingly Vivien coordinates items into kits! I love how there's a great variety of manufacturers EVEN with her new mini kit format! I hope you all go to the store and CHECK out her kits!! they are priced amazingly, and have such a great mix of products!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Digiscrapping tips...

Digiscrapping is definitely making its mark in scrapbooking- and why not??? Who wouldn’t love to customize and reuse elements or never run out of alphabets??? Nope, haven’t given up traditional- LOVE to get my hands dirty… but for quick pages or projects to share, this is definitely the route to go!

First off- if you’re a newbie, DON’T buy digital goodies… there are TONS of freebies out there! Just to name a few…, twopeaseinabucket, and, and for fonts, Just like scrapbook goodies, digi goodies also add up! Try working with freebie kits as they are PACKED with papers, embellishments, alphabets, etc… you won’t be at a loss of goodies. AND, they are cute! Not junkie just cause they’re free…

Digi organizing tips…
- create a folder for you digi stuff (keep all your digi stuff in this main folder)
- create a folder of the site/designer and keep all downloads from the site/designer in the folder
- download the terms of use (tou) so you know the limitations of how you can use the digital designs… MOST are for personal use only, while some allow commercial use with limits (sales using designs, use on a commercial site, etc…) **each designer has their own tou as well, so would keep that within the folder for the designer
- keep the kits in their own folders within the site folders
- download the image of the kits in the site folder for a quick look **I also suggest a copy in the respective kit folders for a quick look of the elements
- keep zip files of kits in a ‘zip files’ folder **rename zip files if necessary, ie: pea- adore

**if you have it- keep a copy of digi stuff folder in an external harddrive OR even a thumdrive to keep it handy**

my step-by-step for KIT downloading… (site/designer folder already created with tou)
- download the zip files for the kits
- download the image for the kits
**rename the items by kit if necessary- should the name be a number, suggest adding the actual kit name to the end of the current name to correspond with the zip files**
- unzip the kits (new folder is created and name the folder with the kit name)
- copy/paste the kit image into the kit folder
- cut/paste kit folder and kit image into site folder

**keep personal and commercial kits/elements separate…
will help to know what’s what when creating your project**

for more indepth organization… create folders for individual elements, ie: brushes, stamps, overlays, papers, buttons, metals, ribbon, etc… just as you would organize your scrappy goodies, you want to know what digi goodies you have! you can even further categorize within the ‘main’ folder by color, shape, etc…

hope these tips helps! The next step is viewing all these new digi goodies… ENJOY :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

just had to share- my FIRST official digi!

k- FINALLY got to sit down and make a digipage... VERY simple page and VERY easy to make!!!

i'm so motivated and inspired to get more digipages done- brings me back to when i downsized to 8x8 :) it's just that instant gratification of getting the page done that i definitely will continue digiscrapping and FINALLY put my large format printer to use and get some more 12x12 albums filled!

what's nice about digi is that you can customize the elements and use it over and over and over again!!! so maybe, this will help me release a bit with my scrappy goodies hoarding problem...

i'll definitely be posting more :)

digikit- shabby princess/promise

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Turning magnets into cute embellishments

Since having a little boy (who's now a TODDLER!!!) I've been on the hunt for cute, BOY embellishments (I can NOT bring myself to use the ever popular flowers on his pages!!!). I was browsing Target yesterday and found these really cute magnets for only $1! They reminded me of those really expensive rubber embellishments. When I saw them in the store I wondered if you could remove the magnet and use them for my pages. So, I bought them just to see. It turned out to be easier then I thought! Also, as a warning, I don't care much about the acid free-ness of these -- but if you are, well...then you might be better off using these on your fridge!!

Step 1 - Get your magnets. See, aren't these cute?

Step 2 - Remove magnets and inspect the back of them. These just had a layer of magnet on the back. Looks easy to remove!

Step 3 - I stuck my fingernail under the magnet part and peeled it up. Easy!!

Step 4 - Remove the magnet completely. My magnet didn't leave ANY stickiness on the back of the rubber, but if it does I'm sure a baby wipe would clean it up nicely.

Step 5 - Here's the little 'embellishment' ready to use on your page. I plan on just using glue dots to stick mine to my pages! Now I have some really cute, BOYISH embellishments to use on my next page for Trevor!!