Friday, November 7, 2008

screenshot of wallpaper

just a screenshot of my wallpaper created in the previous post- i chose tile to display the wallpaper so there's bits and pieces of it all over the screen... thanks for looking!

another- just had to share :) computer wallpaper

yes, i'm really getting back into my digital work and LOVE IT!

this wallpaper was from real simple (subscribed to their daily thought and starts my day off)

this wallpaper was done in pse:
- open wallpaper
- open the picture you want to add
- select a portion of the picture (used eliptical for this one)
- copy/paste to wallpaper
- sized it down to fit in the frame
- used the eyedropper to match the elements of the wallpaper
- typed up my text
- used the curve feature (tweaked it til it fit just right)
saved the wallpaper file for web and renamed it (renaming will create a new file so original file will not be affected)

went to my computer wallpaper setup and JOILA- a customized wallpaper with a photo of my kiddies :)

try this out and would love to see what you come up with!

just had to share- camera deco :)

k- there is a reason behind this, lol :)

this camera is just a few months old and sad to say there are already scratches- but that's a good sign as this little baby has become a permanent piece in my purse. just LOVE this camera!

so yes, i added some basic grey rubons to hide the blemishes- but they're good blemishes :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Technique: Using sketches for variety

I found this amazing sketch on another site and wanted to share it with you, and share a few different ways i interpreted it. First the sketch I found here I immediately was drawn to it, and made several layouts of it. One thing to keep in mind is that when i made these layouts, i didn't even make any major alterations. You could just as easily flip the sketch upside down, or to one side, or whatever! Sketches are so flexible and fun!

And here are the layouts I made using this sketch.

How many layouts can you make from one sketch? Give it a shot with this or another sketch! I'd LOVE it if you would post your creations here!!!