Monday, November 10, 2008

layers- digi pages :)

yes, went a little overboard today with pages and LOVING IT! don't think i've scrapped this much in a long while... though they're simple pages, i'm just happy to get them scrapped :)

so with these pages, the the lined paper had the elements on them as well as individual elements in the kit. to to tuck the pictures under the elements, i copied the individual 'noted' and apple items to the page as layers above the pictures... and of course, they fit perfectly over the original items since they're from the same kit!

the alphabets were also included and simply copied and pasted to add '2008' under the 'school days' title.

there's definitely much to do with digi- hope these 'tips' are getting you into digi, at least a little curious? lol... hope this helps- ENJOY :)

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