Monday, November 10, 2008

extractor tool- digi pages :)

from this...

to this :)

yup- fallen off the boat today with digi scrappin' :)

here's a page using the extractor tool! COOLIO tool that extracts what you want from an image... in this instance, the bag and kitten were taken out of the picture and pasted to the patterned paper.

my steps in pse6:
- go to image/extractor
(there are actually directions on what to do!)
- select the foreground brush and click a few times in areas you want to keep
(by default, the foreground brush is selected- the brush with the + sign- i suggest clicking the corners and a few in the center of what you want to keep)
- select the background brush and click a few times in areas you DON'T want to keep
(background brush is the brush with the - sign)
- click preview and you'll see your selection!
- in preview, you'll have the option to use the eraser tool- there may be some specks to erase
- when finished, click ok

JOILA- you've extracted from your image... this is SO MUCH EASIER than before this tool came out! before, you'd have to 'select' what you wanted, inverse the selection, and delete... with the extractor, it does ALL that work for you! LOVE IT!!!

hope this helps- ENJOY :)

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Rebecca Kvenvolden said...

OH MY GOSH, how cute is that?? What a cool technique!