Sunday, October 26, 2008

Turning magnets into cute embellishments

Since having a little boy (who's now a TODDLER!!!) I've been on the hunt for cute, BOY embellishments (I can NOT bring myself to use the ever popular flowers on his pages!!!). I was browsing Target yesterday and found these really cute magnets for only $1! They reminded me of those really expensive rubber embellishments. When I saw them in the store I wondered if you could remove the magnet and use them for my pages. So, I bought them just to see. It turned out to be easier then I thought! Also, as a warning, I don't care much about the acid free-ness of these -- but if you are, well...then you might be better off using these on your fridge!!

Step 1 - Get your magnets. See, aren't these cute?

Step 2 - Remove magnets and inspect the back of them. These just had a layer of magnet on the back. Looks easy to remove!

Step 3 - I stuck my fingernail under the magnet part and peeled it up. Easy!!

Step 4 - Remove the magnet completely. My magnet didn't leave ANY stickiness on the back of the rubber, but if it does I'm sure a baby wipe would clean it up nicely.

Step 5 - Here's the little 'embellishment' ready to use on your page. I plan on just using glue dots to stick mine to my pages! Now I have some really cute, BOYISH embellishments to use on my next page for Trevor!!


Rebecca Kvenvolden said...

AWESOME idea!! and i know what you mean, embellishing boy layouts is tricky. Though i must say, i use flowers on boy layouts constantly! These are REALLY CUTE though!!!

scrappX said...

cool find! are they plastic? i wonder if that would matter on the acid-free? if not, there's also the spray, but think that's only for paper... so long as it's not directly on the paper, these embellies shouldn't hurt much! not like it's gonna fade next year :)

thanks- now off to target sometime... i try to avoid the $1 section as i tend to walk away $10-20 later- lol :)