Thursday, October 23, 2008

Printed Kraft paper

Ok, this is just a small tidbit, but I thought i'd share in case anyone else might benefit... Do you ever end up with kraft paper that's printed, and not really your style, or just doesn't match well with what you'd like to do with it? I have discovered that if you have a printed Kraft paper, say by Scenic Route, the flip side of the paper looks the same as the front. So instead of letting that baby sit around and collect dust you can use it for pretty much ANYTHING! And Kraft paper is so fun and versatile, and just makes colors pop right off the page!!


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scrappX said...

yes, i am a sucker for kraft paper and LOVE the scenic route as the backside is totally usable!

AND, there's some overlays out there with some kraft backing for packaging (think it's prima)... they're oversized and thin enough to be cut with a good rotary, cutterpede, or the making memories trimmer. LOVE these too as they can be used for covers for minibooks or thin chipboard pieces, etc... just something different from the usual chipboard!