Monday, October 13, 2008

Technique: Using Adhesive Rub-ons

Here's a step by step tutorial on using the We R Memory Keepers Adhesive Rub-ons with Glitter :)

These are VERY fun and easy to use. WAY easier then using the loose glitter (and WAY WAY less messy!!).

Step 1 - Choose your letters and cut them out of the backing sheet

Step 2 - Place your letters on the paper and rub them as you normally would do any other rub-ons (make sure they are COMPLETELY transferred because if they aren't the glue will stretch (but these rub-on easily, it shouldn't be a problem)). Remove the backing sheet but BE CAREFUL NOT TO LET ANYTHING TOUCH THE RUB-ONS (they are sticky!!!)

Step 3 - Choose your 'topping' (Foil, Flocking, or Glitter). I chose glitter.

Step 4 - Place your topping sheet over the rub-ons that you already rubbed-on and rub-on again.

Step 5 - Enjoy! These are VERY easy and virtually NO MESS!!

Please share ANY projects using these!! I'd love to see them!!


Anonymous said...

k- you're going to die, but i didn't realize the glitter was also on a sheet! lol- HOW AWESOME! i'm totally going to crack open mine now, that's if i even saved myself a pack :)

wow- thanks for the step by step, it was really helpful and SHOWS just how EASY it really is :)

Rebecca Kvenvolden said...

ok, this is SO COOL!!!! its hillarious.. i have one of these i've not used, and i'm not at all intimidated by loose glitter or flock but these scare me! LOL!! i'll have to break it out and give it a shot!!