Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Free Journaling class!!

OH my gosh, everyone! you have GOT to do this class!! i'm so excited!! Anyone who knows me knows that scrapbooking to me is all about recording memories, and journaling is an integral part of that process!!! here's the info posted on her site-

and here's her blog addy if you want to read more


Anonymous said...

i'm SOOOO there! i've already calendared the registration date and looking forward to this FREE class! that was definitely the pusher for me :)

i like her work and have always been curious on the classes. so as she mentioned, this is definitely a nice way for her to give us a peek...

Rebecca Kvenvolden said...

Same here!!! with limited funds and such a bounty of goodies out there to buy, i hate to spend money on classes! i will if i think its worth it, but tend to not, so this will definately a good way to see what her classes are like!