Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Collage Press - Camden

This line is just ADORABLE! I love how the papers can be used for either BOY or GIRL pages :) The patterns are SO FUN too!! :)

Here's a link to the papers in the shop:


Rebecca Kvenvolden said...

WOW!!! Jennifer, i LOVE them!!!! how versatile is that line anyway, i need to buy it by the ton, that's it! i have to buy some NOW!!!! oh man, i totally love it so much more seeing it made into stuff! it just pops off that black too, and the brown has a much more mellow effect.

Letty said...

Great Job Jennifer! I love both of your layouts. The College Press lines will enable scrappers and crafters to use them again and again! Wow! I wasn't familiar with their papers, but I lovin' the Camden, now to go check out the Jackson Lodge, Grayson Hall, Citrus, Fresh, Margot, and even Seeds! Thank you for the tip! Greatly Appreciated.

Anonymous said...

good thing i kept a set for myself of the collage press... i need to get scrapping! love the layouts :)