Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I love scrapping for so many reasons... primarily there is the artistic aspect and the historical record that i'm providing for my posterity, but scrapping can also fulfill a more direct, emotional need in the here and now! Scrapping for me is also very therapeutic. When i lost a baby to miscarriage this summer i was able to put my thoughts and feelings to paper in poem form and then scrap them. It was a HUGE jump in the healing process for me. Perhaps you aren't comfortable scrapping MAJOR events that are traumatic for you. Perhaps a smaller even feels more appropriate? This is a layout i did to help my son Nikolas when he had to pitch his FAVORITE shirt, the one he'd grown super attached to (and it showed from the condition it was in!!!) I made a deal with him. If we could throw the shirt away, i'd cut a strip of the fabric and all the remaining buttons and make a page for his book. So while he couldn't keep his shirt to wear, he'd have it forever in his scrapbook. To my surprise he eagerly agreed! so here's the page I made for him.

Do you have any examples to share of therapeutic scrapping you have done? Anything that has helped ease your mind or that of a loved one counts! I'd love to see any examples!! in fact, i'll do a drawing on October 15th, mine and dh's 14th anniversary, woohoo! for a rak if anyone would like to make a therapeutic layout/project and share!!! Please have that posted by October 14th!


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